Source code for py_sc_fermi.defect_charge_state

import numpy as np  # type: ignore
from scipy.constants import physical_constants  # type: ignore
from typing import Optional
import warnings

kboltz = physical_constants["Boltzmann constant in eV/K"][0]

[docs]class DefectChargeState: """Class describing a single charge state (of a ``DefectSpecies``). Args: charge (int): charge of this ``DefectChargeState`` degeneracy (int): degeneracy per unit cell energy (float): formation energy at E[Fermi] = 0 fixed_concentration (float): fixed concentration per unit cell """ def __init__( self, charge: int, degeneracy: int = 1, energy: Optional[float] = None, fixed_concentration: Optional[float] = None, ): if energy is None and fixed_concentration is None: raise ValueError( """You must specify either a fixed concentration or energy for this defect! \n Note, if you specify both, the concentration will treated as fixed""" ) self._charge = charge self._degeneracy = degeneracy self._energy = energy self._fixed_concentration = fixed_concentration @property def energy(self) -> Optional[float]: """formation energy of the ``DefectChargeState`` at E[vbm] (E[Fermi] = 0) Returns: Optional[float]: formation energy """ return self._energy @property def charge(self) -> int: """charge of the ``DefectChargeState`` Returns: int: charge """ return self._charge @property def degeneracy(self) -> int: """The degeneracy of the ``DefectChargeState`` (e.g. spin degeneracy) Returns: int: degeneracy per unit cell """ return self._degeneracy @property def fixed_concentration(self) -> Optional[float]: """fixed concentration of this ``DefectChargeState`` or ``None`` if the concentration is free to vary. Returns: Optional[float]: fixed concentration per unit cell """ return self._fixed_concentration
[docs] @classmethod def from_string( cls, string: str, volume: Optional[float] = None, frozen: bool = False ) -> "DefectChargeState": """ Create a ``DefectChargeState`` from a given string. This method was envisaged for use as a way to read in defect charge states from an input file for `SC-Fermi <>`_. If a user does wish to specify a defect charge state using this functionality, the string should be in the form: `charge formation_energy degeneracy` i.e. a defect with charge 2, formation energy of 0.1 eV and degeneracy of 2 would be specified as: ``"2 0.1 2"`` if the charge state has a fixed concentration, the string should be in the form: `charge concentration` i.e. a defect with charge 2, concentration of 1e21 per cm-3 would be specified as: ``"2 1e21"`` Args: string (str): string representation of the ``DefectChargeState`` volume (Optional[float], optional): volume of the unit cell, only if ``frozen == True``. Defaults to ``None``. frozen (bool, optional): if ``True`` the concentration of this ``DefectChargeState`` cannot change when solving for a self consistent Fermi energy. Defaults to ``False``. Raises: ValueError: if defect concentration is fixed, but ``volume == None`` Returns: ``DefectChargeState``: relevant ``DefectChargeState`` object """ stripped_string = string.split() if frozen is False: return cls( charge=int(stripped_string[0]), energy=float(stripped_string[1]), degeneracy=int(stripped_string[2]), ) else: if volume is None: raise ValueError( "You must specify a real, positive cell volume if passing a frozen concentration!" ) else: return cls( charge=int(stripped_string[1]), fixed_concentration=float(stripped_string[2]) / 1e24 * volume, )
[docs] @classmethod def from_dict(cls, dictionary: dict) -> "DefectChargeState": """generate a dictionary from a ``DefectChargeState`` object Args: dictionary (dict): dictionary defining ``DefectChargeState``. Any fixed concentration given should be provided per-unit cell Returns: DefectChargeState: object described by `dictionary` """ valid_keys = ["degeneracy", "energy", "charge", "fixed_concentration"] unrecognized_keys = set(dictionary.keys()) - set(valid_keys) if unrecognized_keys: warnings.warn(f"Ignoring unrecognized keys: {', '.join(unrecognized_keys)}") if "fixed_concentration" in dictionary.keys(): return DefectChargeState( degeneracy=dictionary["degeneracy"], charge=dictionary["charge"], fixed_concentration=dictionary["fixed_concentration"], ) else: return DefectChargeState( degeneracy=dictionary["degeneracy"], energy=dictionary["energy"], charge=dictionary["charge"], )
[docs] def as_dict(self) -> dict: """generate a dictionary representation of the ``DefectChargeState`` Returns: dict: dictionary representation of the ``DefectChargeState`` """ defect_dict = { "degeneracy": int(self.degeneracy), "energy":, "charge": int(self.charge), } if self.fixed_concentration != None: defect_dict.update({"fixed_concentration": self.fixed_concentration}) return defect_dict
[docs] def fix_concentration(self, concentration: float) -> None: """Fixes the concentration (per unit cell) of this ``DefectChargeState`` Args: concentration (float): ``DefectChargeState`` concentration per unit cell """ self._fixed_concentration = concentration
[docs] def get_formation_energy(self, e_fermi: float) -> float: """get the formation energy of this ``DefectChargeState`` at a given Fermi energy Args: e_fermi (float): Fermi energy at which to calculate the formation energy Raises: ValueError: if `` == None`` Returns: float: formation energy of ``DefectChargeState`` at ``e_fermi`` """ if is not None: return + self.charge * e_fermi else: raise ValueError( "Cannot calculate formation energy as a function of `e_fermi` without a defined formation energy!" )
[docs] def get_concentration(self, e_fermi: float, temperature: float) -> float: """Calculate the concentration of this ``DefectChargeState`` at a specified Fermi energy and temperature, per site in the unit cell. Args: e_fermi (float): Fermi energy. temperature (float): Temperature. Returns: float: Concentration at the specified Fermi energy and temperature. """ if self.fixed_concentration is None: expfac = -self.get_formation_energy(e_fermi) / (kboltz * temperature) concentration = self.degeneracy * np.exp(expfac) else: concentration = self.fixed_concentration return concentration
def __repr__(self): if self.fixed_concentration == None: return f"q={self.charge:+2}, e={}, deg={self.degeneracy}" else: return f"q={self.charge:+2}, [c]={self.fixed_concentration}, deg={self.degeneracy}"